Joy rides and street food 17.02.2017

I am gunna, slip…fall off the side of the jeep and crash to my death on the coppled road, additionally I am too tall for this jeep, as my head is pressing against the leather roof. The jeep looks like it has grown a boil on its roof.

Vertical -up,up…..and yes …..up again while being knocked around like the enclosed dice in the board game “frustration” ……….oh god i think I may pee, this ride is not good for urine control……………and I have just bloody drunk litre of water and a massive cup of chai latte, ( if u haven’t tried this and didn’t like it …..sacralidge… it’s an India obligation)…and I ate papaya, which tasted so good ,  (but apparently it moves your bowels…..something that I would have preferred Marion not to tell me while I was eating it ….haha.)

We are on our way to Amer Fort, one of the most famous forts of Rajasthan -made from red sandstone and marble. As we reach our destination, men and woman hobble around our jeep, then flock towards us like ‘seagulls to a chip’ (Char’s analogy), shouting in broken English and shoving embelished turban, parasols and rattling jewlerry in our faces. Casually, I reanact my usual nonchalant behaviour and sweep past them towards the Fort. (I think I am getting the hang of this.)…though I couldn’t help but give my water to a little girl who was begging for some kind of drink or food.

Amer Fort was amazing, photos below:

In the jeep
Elephant rides around the courtyard of Amer Fort

Amer Fort

Amer Fort -first courtyard – the impressive stairway all painted with vegetable dyes

Third courtyard – the mirrored ceiling in the mirror palace – is exquisitely embellished with glass inlaid panels & mirrored ceilings &walls

Amer Fort was a labyrinth of red corridors, courtyards and stairwells, with towers sprawling  up towards heaven, looking down at the town below. The mirrored palace was truely the most incredible, and spectacular thing to behold;light glintered and reflected from every angle. (I took a horrendous amount of photos of this, no wonder I have no more room on my camera.)
2:00pm  What could be better than one crazy, interesting way to travel, but two in one day!!!

In the good old rickshaw! ….so now I will intoduce the driver; whose name slips my mind , but whose pungent aroma caused us to adopt the great ability to block our nose sense of smell, and who preceeded in not only asking us why we were not marrred, but drove like a maniac, sweeping and swerving…. I think I had more chance to fall out this contraption than in the jeep beforehand. Four of us in a three seated rickshaw-now we where really travelling Indian style 😂😂😂…..

…….and back to the market we went yesterday, to really explore and emerse ourselves in the bargaining of Jaipur…….oh nooooo, maybe I don’t want to be that emersive, below me is a gorgeous ditch of bright green sludge that looks like it’s come straight out of a child’s gory movie), one that really adds to the atmosphere of the market, because who doesn’t want a sewage river in the middle of the area where you shop for food and clothes.😜

Chai tea is on the two girl minds, (Carrie and Lindsey), me and Char are just happy to come along and look around.  ……I smell chillies, so strong that the aroma awakes all my senses, (I think I have gone wrong all these years, what is coffee when you have chillies.) Dryed chillies seem to be one of the most popular commodities, with overfull brown woven sacks littering the left hand side of the market. Oh, and thank goodness, they mask the smell of the sewage.

Omg guys, clap hands for us four girls…..we crossed the double road of mania by ourselves, wooooo I am getting used to walking whenever, however I want……however this excitement was short-lived when a cow suddenly appeared from nowhere in front of Carrie’s face. (It did cause a bit of humour for the locals though haha)

Let’s say, the ride home from our little market extersion, was compelling and traumatic…….to say the least.I was sitting up in front , sharing the front seat (with the same driver that took us to the market). There was a huge mold of sand blocking the road so the driver decided to take us a back route.

Now imagine; side roads ( well they really shouldn’t be callled roads, because we basically drove along a pathway) huge craters scatter the mud trodden floor, like giants had walked along and left their foot prints. I was half hanging out the side of the front, clamping onto my bag and rickshaw door arxh; as we where jugging along, knocking about, varying speed; swerving the man in the middle of the road that suddenly haltered, and squirted snot from his nose, and the tyre piled up motorbike that was now twice its original side.

We sped, looping around hidden streets until we came across a more sustainable path, with a sewage stream trickling along its perimeter. The driver let me take the left hand side of the bike (not a good idea) ……faster , faster (definitely have a need for speed 😂) haha …….into the “dangerous ghetto area -you should never be here at night ” ………um so why are you driving us through here??…………I was just contemplating, thinking far too much into this, when we came up to a pillar with a blind corner. Suddenly, out of the blue, a black and white cow  appeared, just chilling, munching on something, unwittingly, or caring that a vehicle might slap into him any minute. We darted to the right, alll screaming our heads off and narrowly missing it’s swifting tail.


Tonight we went to this restaurant ( the same one we went to last night and place our tour guide, Parakrum, used go when he was younger)  it literally personifies the word quirky. – a car repair shop that switches to a restaurant at night. You literally sit next to the old vintage cars that’s create a circumference around the venu. You reach the resyaudant through an alley way, lined with groups of men chatting and lounging against motorbikes…..(the first time I witnessed this entrance I thought the rickshaw driver was escorting us straight into the arms of danger, I was hesitant to trust him) ……turning right, an allotted space with black smudged chairs is hilighted wth a blueish glow. The floor is dark, stained with oil puddles, the sky above -ebony, despite the silver stars. You eat fresco, and the petrol fragrance that consumes the place, soon disapates and adds to the charm and utter amazing insanity of the place. It would not even be possible to run a joint like this in Britain -it’s fabulous, and we all loved it. This is true Indian street food, without the Delhi belly 😜

They create the best mint and green pepper paneer (better and more suculant than chicken) and green chutney sauce.- seriously this chutney is great on everything. The place is called Ghani Autos on Mirza Ismail road , in Jaipur Rajasthan. I recommend it to everyone!

For great recipe on green chutney, go to:

And to make paneer- yummiest tandoori cooked cheese ever:

Jamie Oliver explains it pretty well here:


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  1. Sherry March says:

    What a fun entry Bexi .. truly crazy time there! xx

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