Rewiring -back to city life 16.05.2017 -part 2

“India is such a paradox, it rewires your whole way of thinking” (Rob Martell, a free spirit, and #legent (on the tour with us)

4:00 pm Terracotta arch ways tower over the beholden bustling markets below, their majestic entrances seeming to suggest a sophistication . The same pink of the market shops, are the only hint of times past. Men and woman stand in their numbers (every shop or job seems to have way more employees than needed) beckoning their wares and attempting to engage and enthral customers. The usual traffic carnage doesn’t dissipate, tuc-tucs, motorbikes and rickshaw weave their paths through the cars and people. Goodbye relaxing countryside, and helllloooooo Jaipur, Rajasthan !! 

Jaws Mahal “Palace of Winds” – a high screen created in 1799 to protect woman from royalty , so they could observe the street and festivals while being unseen
My travel buddy- wearing Vivienne Westwood – #fashionalways
(Beforehand 3:00pm:   The tour attempted to take the 14 of us to City Palace …….we where all too monged out…relaxing has made us vegetables, and everything that poor Sanjay (the new tour guide of Jaipur, a man devoid of humour….or just of our very British banter) ……..everything he said went literally through one ear and out the other. Wait…let me take that back…it didn’t even reach out ears. I think we where more interested in the stray dogs and bamboo scaffolding that sprawled up the side of the building.  I believe that he sensed our nonchalant attitudes, as the tour ended quickly, much to everyone’s relief. (Honestly, every other site has been incredible, but this one…..there just wasn’t much to entertain, and to be honest it wasn’t nearly as impressive as the other monuments/sites that we had witnessed before.)

We wondered around the city, (such an amazing place). A walled city, with crazy traffic but steeped in history and old bazaars that all are situated in a grid, that means that you will never get lost, because every road leads to the main, central street called Chandpol Bazar road.

This road houses a world of emporia, from jewlerry, textiles, carpets, spices, tea, saris etc ….and OMG the most amazing samosa you will, and I have ever ever tried. It had no oil seeping out onto your hands and it was chocca -full with fresh potatoes, spinach and pure spicy yumminess. A bite begins with a thin crispy triangular layer, and transcends to a warmth from the fresh spices that overtake your senses. A complex flavour with fennel seeds, green chillies, garlic, mint etc. It made every other samosa, a dismal mess. And was only 10 rupees (12p in British money) 

(If you want to find this gem on Chandpol Bazar Rd, just after the Terracotta arch at the Krishanpole Bazar Rd. The first left, and the street food samosa hide-away (because calling it a cupboard-sized-shop would be too big) 😂 … is opposite the Panchamukhs Shivs Temple. ) 

WARNING: These samosa will ruin every other samosa you ever try!!  
​​​              walking along the round-a-bout in Jaipur 

OMG! i love, love, love riding on a rickshaw. It personifies India on three wheels; fast with no rules, traditional, fun, worn, and colourful. You have not experienced the real India until you have been in one of these things. Char, Jacob and I sat in a rickshaw for the first time today…linking arms, clutching bags tight, hair blowing everywhere and selfie pictures at the ready …………(yes below, are the bad photos hahaha) …….we have never been both terrified that we where going to crash (there where a fair few narrow escapes) and been so exhilarated ! We where sure we where going to fall out at one point. 

This is India! Everyone drives like this! Everyone in the city lives in a fast pace, dusty, colourful environment. It’s about understanding India for the country it is; seeing the beauty, and appreciating all the old world, outrageous, amazing sides of it…… and of course, experiencing the novelties that you could only ever try here. 


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