Countryside of Dhula 16.02.2017 -part 1

15.02.2017 8:00 pm: As refreshing, beautiful and serene the present surroundings are, the food, for me anyway, was little to be desired. A traditional meal of the classic tomato and Indian spices potato, tandoori baked flat bread, a gnocchi like curry made instead chickpea paste (honestly the most hard gross thing ) and a aubergine 🍆 curry …omg it taste burnt . However I shovelled it down (taught to always eat everything on my plate) ….and detested it, knowing that I wouldn’t eat till tomorrow lunch. …. some of the group enjoyed it….bonkers!!!! 

9:05pm :  The warm evening air now whispers cool breezes and secrets of howling wild dogs. The ebony sky twinkles with a legion of stars and smells of bonfire ashes and summer nights. Nearly invisible bats sweep down to catch gulps of water from the pool, only detectible by the brush of flapping wings. 

Jumping into a warm, bed with layers of covers, fluffy socks and only a dim light that casts shadows on the white canvas walls of the tent is possible the loveliest feeling. Cold outside and warm inside – perfection!


You know that feeling when ur so toasty warm under your covers, and your alarm springs to life at 7:30am ……and you poke one fallen-off-sock toe out of the bed….and the cold fresh air shoots up your body? 

Ohhhhhh, I don’t want to get out of bed! (After the night before, sleeping under my damp towel, because of a dirty duvet, that the hotel so kindly bestowed on me.) I have had the best sleep…..oh sh** , I take 10% of that back……stiff, painful neck ….no I can’t move it ……..

…..resorted to using hand as an anchor ………….I still don’t take back the utter amazing sleep and childhood nostalgia.
11:00am :  Bike, bike I love my bike! ….energised, cool sweat, red cheeked and pumped. JUST HAD THE MOST AMAZING CROSS-COUNTRY BIKE RIDE …..up rocked hills, along sanded pathways , by shadowing mountains and under the pounding heat of the sun. As much as the exercise feels great, the ability to take a peek into the real lives of people in this countryside of Dhula was what really excited me.

Large open spaces, and designated lots (mini farms) with old-world stone and wood homes. Some with a dozen brown, white and black goats and cows with white horns. It’s like going back into the pass. The scenery changes from house to house, some with grey mud sand and worn wood fences; others with multiply lush vegetation. It was extraordinary how excited the children where to see us; they where, and we where waving constantly, as they screamed and jumped up and down. 

What really drew my attention where the beautiful picturesck women in their canary yellow, ruby red, blackberry purples, barbie pinks, royal blues and emerald greens ….traditionally clothed………..omg there where so many photo opportunities that I missed……so devastated!

Woman worked in their beautiful headdress and saris; farming crops, carrying grey baskets and white bundles on their heads, while their children scamper behind them. Men and boys washed themselves under outside hand-made showers and rode motorbikes (three of them at once). Tractor-trucks decorated in bright colours and sparkling fabrics and Indian icons, shooting out Indian music at top note and hooting loudly.

(Rajestane is known for women who prefer to wear bright colours, and it’s cities coincide with this colourful theme as well; with cities nicknamed the, Blue city, White city,Yellow stone-golden city and the city we are travelling to to later on today,Jaipur, which is named the pink city. (Jaipur used to be painted honey yellow, then the king of Jaipur ordered everyone to paint their buildings, terracotta.)

Henna that three young girls from the village did for us

….ahhhhh, just had the best time ever! Shame that we are leaving this beautiful, relaxing destination after lunch, I could have definitely stayed longer. Anyway, time for the dreaded cold shower 😩 haha


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