Travelling to Rajasthan 15.02.2017

The coach is great….(never thought I would say that)….. I have two seats to myself and can spread my legs and write or curl up into a slumber. (And here’s a pointer for you, bring a travel neck pillow, it may be a pain to carry, but if you want to sleep or just be comfortable, it’s a must!!! ) …..oh and don’t drink too much on the bus, you never know when your stopping and the wait could be traumatising. haha)
(We visited Fatehpur Sikri on the way to Rajasthan) below

“Fatehpur Sikri” built by Akbar who was the capital of Mughal empire 1571 to 1586

The border of Rajasthan is pinpointed by a red, brick pillar ……..views from my window alter and speed past like and scenes on a TV screen; lush green fields of chickpeas,crop and lonely brick shacks. Within dusty beige plains grey irregular trees stand proud despite their olive coloured tuff, and fly-away bushes dot throughout. Continually evolving’ mountains and hills surface, their head sprinkled with chalk, grey and terracotta crumbled rocks. Then emerald green fields with sectioned blankets of lime, pesto and olive coloured green trees.

There’s a brown cow to my left, causally strolling down the road, as a man leads a camel adorned with a pink blanket and several packages across the main highway.

The countryside is a feast for the eyes! 

As we drive further within Rajasthan, the main road and odd desolate house, moulds into villages. Towns of narrow, twisting roads, dilapidated homes, with cast iron roofs and canary yellow, grey scale and peeling red painted brick. Homes made from straw with plaited or fabric enforced roofs and sun breakers. All open to the buzz of life and rough elements. People litter the high street getting on with their daily routine ; smiling, excited children pore out, waving vigorously and screaming hello as the coach bumps along. …they are so excitable, as if they where watching famous people coming into town. Their faces so beautiful, pure portrayals of happiness and wonder. 

Piled fruit stalls or oranges, pomegranate, grapes and black skinned bananas on wooden planks border the road. 

 Men, chilling in their shops or with huge packages and women wearing traditional beaded, rainbow saris. Contrary to their habitat, women look stunning, and fresh in their bright assembles, just looking or slowly waving as their children scamper off to “gain a wave” from the odd pale new-comers.

On the way to our next destination, we stopped off in the little village of Baswa. Omg we literally had the best food!- THERE WHERE simple VEGETABLES!!! …and it tasted soooooo fresh… and light (most places are mostly 

vegetarian)….and it was spicy and home-made. …….Can you believe it !- it didn’t create the usual belly choir of rumbles of the rich curries we have previously been eaten………

……………yep, I totally piled my plate high with the fresh tomatoes and the spicy, herb lentil soup and lime pickled cabbage with peas !

Oh, and you know what, I have actually also begun to love the raw red onion that comes complimentary with every meal……thank-goodness there is no guy I fancy here…….because as much as I enjoy this addition to each meal, I am not sure how attractive onion breath would be hahaha… definitely seems to be warning off the mosquitos though. (Another recommendation have garlic pills -I haven’t been bitten once!)  


(A closed throat, wining sound sings through the air…. “Is that a cow or a person making that noise!” states Miriam (honest older lady on our tour group.) haha…it was a call of prayer! Haha (Shhhh I feel bad to say, but the first note really did sound like a cow)….we burst into fits of laughter. 

We where are in Baswa still and on our way to the Anhaneru Stair Well. I can’t explain how amazed I was! It really was insane! I wish I could have go down and up it , would have been some experience to go down, and a total cardio work-out to climb up. Definitely a climbers paradise, or a crazy adrenaline junkies Mecca!…….yes sign me up!!!! Hahah

The step Well was created in the 9th century, (with 20692 steps) and incredibly is still standing, it was made to accommodate 600 people at the same time …….but I am telling you, health and safety now would have a field day , and would never permit the use of this architectural wonder. It is seriously frightening the steepness of this well. To be honest, there are not many places in the India (that I have seen) where ‘health and safety’ is monitored or taken under any priority. 😂………I can only truly demonstrate the Anhaneru Stair Well via the photo below:


Mmmmmmmm….I love chai tea, its a new favourite…..warm tea, slightly sweet, but spicy…..I am in heaven. 

We have arrived at our home for the night, in the town of Dhula. 

Nature is the only inhibitor of the clear blue sky ; mountains majestically encompass the camp and a swarm of black birds dance and sway in the delicate wind. The air smells fresh and the sun beats down, warming ever inch of our bodies. 

Off the beaten track , lush green farms and old sandy/rocky roads circle us. The ground’s only buildings are the historical family dome memorials that stand on pillars, 7 foot above the pillared walk ways, and the tin roofed dining room. A swimming pool with maccromay laced sun-chairs and a chalk henna patterned bonfire area are the central communion areas, while a cream rocked pathway leads out the side to a symmetrical field and forks into 9 white paths towards each ivory white tent that gently whistles and flaps. 

I bound around like a little kid, filled with enthusiasm over our new dwellings…until my travel buddy (char) tells me to calm down. I just can’t help it! It feels so fantastic to relax and be somewhere so serene! To be in the countryside where 60% of the population lives …and to witness this different side of India. 

The intriguing man (mentioned in past blog, that I met before I went on my travels) said that Rajasthan is the “true India”……I am beginning to believe so too. ❤️❤️


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