India-Delhi 12.02.2017

So first country , first tour experience, first shock of culture.

(( The flight was a 9 hour mess of attempting to sleep upwards. I can only sleep in fetus position, so with legs too long, my  knees kept crashing the seat in front. Balancing on my side, my right bum cheek became numb and achy, and all the while not knowing where to put my head or arms to be comfortable. To make matters worse, whenever I did sleep, the Indian man next to me would drone loudly to his father or some food would come round , firstly a wine and rice crisps with cumin seeds; ( because who is going to sleep through free wine 😝) …….then 2x vegetarian curry with a almond sweet crumbly pudding, ending with a breakfast of fruit and a non milk muffin. To be honest, the curry was super tastey, though my belly was not so impressed later on………and all the time juggling with the strong smell of B.O………..trauma haha ))

 As I write this, a beep from a car horn wines sevearly, stripping my ability to think, or focus! Meanwhile the smell on insense, heavy dust and oil consumes my nose ! 

Can’t believe I am here,Delhi, so excited and transfixed by the utter insanity of my surroundings. People by small stalls selling a rainbow of metallic shiny packages and fruit piled high under colourful tents, coated with several layers of dust; litter the motorway. Rock formations of former houses, laundry lines lined with white towels and modern buildings scatter along the road side.

 The girl driving,  (a taxi company driven and by for women)  navigates her way through the  pedestrians cooly strolling across the main carriage way  and the many motorbikes, mini open vans and tuctucs…..and of course the odd man pushing a wooden trolley off furniture or tin boxes. …..on a main highway? Casual! Humans are just as much vehicles as cars or bus are. To ever used the word, ordally here, would only be in charcasim…..imagine noise , colour, carnage everywhere !!! Delhi’s only safety and road signs is in the form of constant beeping, hooting and ting-tong-ing of bells of each vehicle. It is quite terrifying, I personally was amazed and in ore of the craziness, however my friend, uncharacteristicly sat next to me quiet, overwhelmed and nervous. 

(Entering the centre of New Delhi) Now imagine all I have told you, x5. As the road became slimmer the traffic intensified, nearly on top of each other, no lanes, no rules…..hey all you need is that beep of your horn to tell the world “hey guys, I am here, and I an here and I am coming through”……… we were just at a standstill, I looked to my right and smiled at a little girl, no older than 6, packing boxes and rubbish into a worn, tevlon, dusty pink bag ……immediately I regretted it; she and 4 others come and sit right next to my window….. I don’t know where to look, I can’t give them money and I have no opened food to share……and they are just smiling so brilliantly, with perfectly straight white teeth and their black hair a tangled mess on their heads, eyes so open with hope, as if they where not scravaging for items to recycle, but playing like anyother English child. Suddenly I look to my left, and both our hearts race; 2 guys on a motorbike tap, tap, tap on the taxi window to gage our attention …….just don’t look, pretend they are not there……they peer in, pulling the car door ….we freeze!!! Then the car moves ..thank goodness for central locking!!!

Let’s just say, that when we had to run from the taxi to the hotel – we sprinted so fast!


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