05.02.2017 – Red wine and a intriguing man

Rae Morris playing ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rhmVTw3ge94 ) …………..body slightly shivering and eyelids heavy. I am writing one eyed; switching from one eye to the other, swapping eye when one looses its fight against the weights that have replaced my eyebrows.

I have just drank a whole carton of juice in a attempt to sober up…….(an ordeal that is twice as hard when laying down, and when the carton opener keeps closing as soon as ur attempt to sip, it really is a talent… 🙈😂……. or just proof that I have had a lot of experience when it comes to the morning after.

My insides are now a sea of mango juice and red wine. Throbbing pain splinters across my forehead and my brain feels groggy…… u would not be a genius to clock on that I went out last night . ( The Phene  in Chelsea .) To be honest,  I have gone out every night this week -saying goodbye and seeing darling friends ……wine was bound to catch me in the end!

So here I am laying down on my bed , legs crossed in the air,with just a dressing gown and nickers……and freezing because my duvet has disappeared, and I cant bring myself to search for it! ……….i kinda love this tender feeling, a mixture of nerves, alcohol, and excitement and the goosebumb waves that are travelling from my waist to my toes, and then from my knees to my hips.  nervous? Hangover? …no, just letting the thoughts trickle through my brain: ( now this is the part in a film where the image would go slightly blurry and the flashback sequence would begin 😜:)

Toned in a white shirt with a wooden pendant hanging from a leather strap from his neck, black hair half pulled back into a bun- a few unruly silver threads dancing through. Beard, slightly tanned , kind smile and warm laugh ……..I am not saying I fancied him, (I am not sure if I would let myself as he was definitely in his late 30s)…….. but there was something that intrigued me, something attractive about him, but I can’t and couldn’t pin point what it was. He was charismatic, a traveller, Italian and Brazilian and his words were full of his experiences, knowledge and laughter.All i knew was that through the red wine , the laughter and with my friends around me -I enjoyed and was drawn to his personality and company in a different way to any man I had met in the last 7 months.  (I am one of those girls who is normally having to much fun with my friends to bother about the men around me.)

I feel dumfounded, racking my thoughts to why this man seemed different and why he roused my curiosity above other people I have met.  ……….all that’s raised is a blank !!!  …..and a smile ….and shit I have to get ready for work!!!!!



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