23.01.17 – Wonky eye photo

Drugged and vaccined up! -I am the walking dead. Not only have I had 3 weeks of vaccinations – which has given me flu symptoms and which consequently presents you with a vegetable of an arm ….. but I had my wisdom tooth out and have been on strong antibiotics.

Oh…. and my word… this weather-it’s freezing  !!!!                 Numb, red fingers and a red nose is my new look. ………… so basically I am a mess -a moaning, red fingered,aching,  sneezing, one armed  human being .

BUT happiness -so much happiness !……because my India visa is done!!!! …..and I had the interview for my China visa today. Such a relief! – even though yet another cool 200 pound goes to unplanned expenses. Hahha I really did walk into this traveling blind.

At the Chinese embassy today I had to take another passport picture with hair up and no jewellery .                                                   Is it just me -but do these passport picture booths make you look so bad?…… perhaps it’s just what I look like -and I need to suck it up. Mmmmmmmm…. …. …………………….anyway, so there I was rolling the chair up and down to get the correct height so that my face fit perfecting in the green oval shape on the screen …….-rolling, rolling and twisting . The height wasn’t changing !  Giving up , I sat  back on the chair ….this would not work- my hair was completely out of the screen, and my eyes were where my face should begin. (According to the green oval shape) … then suddenly …. THUD!!! Down I go ! – now my eyes are where my lips should be . The chair has decended .  For goodness sake !!!!!           ………… So I succumbed  to recreate a seated prosition, but by hovering, over a now, too low seat ; while trying to get my face in the green oval on the screen, not laughing/smiling and keeping my eyes open. (I have that horrid habit of closing my eyes in pictures as soon as the flash goes off.)

first picture : ok – but right eye is wonky  ( my leg muscles where slightly wobbling)

second picture: one eye is half open, the other shut  ( I looked like I was drunk- I was actually half falling from my hovering position)

Third picture: good- but ,my hair was out of the frame -nooooooooooo

So wonky eye it is!!  £6 for the most horrid wonky eye photo.  And the machine prints 5 of these horrid things .

Am I the only one who seem so to be incompatant at having a decent passport/ visa photo!!!! Gotta laugh 🙈😂

#traveling #funny #packing #visa #photo #passportphoto #badphoto #weirdmoments #vaccine #gettingready



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