17.01.2017 – Freaking

How do I begin this…… I’ve never really ever written any diary like thing before …… except for the odd day or two as a child – when I wanted to be like those famous novelist  who wrote very profound, interesting moments of their day-……. like looking out their window, and …. well I am getting off subject.  (Oh and p.s this blog is not going to grammatically correct -it will be recorded as if I was speaking.)

So hi guys, (guys is just me ATM as i haven’t  published this post yet haha ), heyyyyyyy…….what’s up.??…. I can tell u what’s up with me, – I am leaving on the 11th Feb and I still have no clue about these visa for china. How do you do it ? What website do you use?????

It’s literally the most complicated  mind bugging thing …. and I am freaking….. I am sitting at work and I feel like a nervous reck !!! ( you know that feeling when you are about to go on a date, and your body is half hot, half cold and your belly feels empty and you feel everything in your throat. Yep! It is all I have felt for the past week. So much so, that I just realised that I told forgot to shave my legs and these crop leather pants are showing some of this poking through, ankle hair terrain that I am slyly attempting to cover with my fluffy scarf -before I can run out for lunch and grab a razor. Wow, so elegant.

Is it just me that seems to forget these normal womanly daily grooming rituals? Please forgive me- I admit in the winter, where jeans and tights are always worn; and as I am not currently seeing anyone……I have become a bit lax – but seriously  recently, with this world trip coming up I can’t seem to get myself together.

ORGANISE EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE T!!! …… organise, organise, organise -this is the plan for tomorrow on my day off !!!




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